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2013 year end message from Cosmo Mannella

Cosmo Mannella
Cosmo Mannella
OPDC Business Manager

We have reached our year end and once again it has been a very eventful and productive year for LiUNA in Ontario. Not only did we successfully conclude a number of collective agreement’s but we have successfully fought off Unions that were trying to take away our jurisdiction during the raiding period. LiUNA Local 183, the largest Local Union in LiUNA under its leadership team has made enormous strides in the last year. Under the leadership of Business Manager Brother Jack Oliveira, Local 183 has not only withstood blistering attacks during the raiding period and fought them off successfully, but remarkably the local union grew by 4000 members during that same period. Our Local Union dear brothers and sisters is a beacon for all Local Unions within LiUNA and within the labour movement. The improvements that this leadership has made to its benefits and the care and consideration it has extended to our retired members is truly remarkable. Congratulations to all of you, we are proud.

Brothers and sisters as we come to the close of another year we have a lot to be thankful for in this great province; however, we must not forget our past and the importance of the labour movement to the lives of working men and women everywhere. Government acting as the purveyors of corporate interest are attacking Unions and the gains of working people all over the world and in particular North America.  As Union leaders we can only do so much to hold back the forces that are trying to destroy us. It is you, the members who must carry the flag that represents the rights of working people by supporting your Union and by always voting for candidates that represent the interest of working people.

As we come upon a new year we will be faced with many challenges not the least of which will be the economy. We have enjoyed a buoyant economy in the construction industry for a number of years now and we are hopeful that with the economic recovery in the rest of the world this will continue in the province of Ontario.

We have one of the most productive and safest construction workforce in the world which is a credit to LiUNA’s investment in skills training and safety over the last fifty years.  Our Union under the leadership of Joseph Mancinelli has had enormous success in every aspect of what Unions stand for. Our agreements are second to none, our pension is stronger than ever and continues to invest in job creation for our members.  The benefits in health and welfare that our members and their families enjoy are the best in any industry and our retirees are respected and included in all facets of our Union activities.  There is much for LiUNA members to be proud of but we must never rest on our laurels and continue to move forward with an agenda that is for working people and their families.

On behalf of the LiUNA Ontario Provincial Executive Board and all the members across the province, I want to wish you the very best and health and prosperity for all in our LiUNA family.

Feel the Power!

In Solidarity,

Cosmo Mannella
Business Manager
LiUNA Ontario Provincial District Council